Single tariff
39.00 EURper flight hour

The Tariff includes:

Flight planning services:

Handling arrangements along the route:

  • Handling arrangements of ground handling at the airport of departure and arrival;
  • Order and organization of ramp services and other flight related airport services;
  • Aircraft movement control;
  • Consultation with reference to customs and immigrations formalities and procedures;
  • Slot coordination;
  • Communication;
  • Hotel booking;
  • CIP/VIP-lounge arrangement;
  • Catering arrangement.
map Example: flight time from Nice (LFMN) to Antalya (LTAI) on CL35 is 03:00, thus 3 x 39.00€ = 117.00€ for flight planning and all handling arrangements.

Not included into Single Tariff:


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